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Mar 12, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm



Cease Sheep Farming Auction! 1550 Top Wool Merino Sheep!

Thursday, 12 March 2020 at 11:00 at Wilgerhof, Bethlehem.


500 Merino ewes (4 tooth – full mouth; in lamb; to lamb April; running with Dohne Merino rams).
300 Merino ewes (4 tooth – full mouth; in lamb; to lamb April; running with Dormer and Dohne Merino rams).
200 Merino x Dohne Merino ewes (6 tooth – full mouth; in lamb; to lamb April; running with Dormer and Dohne Merino rams).
250 Ewe lambs (year old; Merino x Dohne Merino).
280 Store lambs (Merino -, Dohne Merino – & Dormer x).
12 SP Dohne Merino rams (acquired from Nello Dohne Merino Stud & Charfontein Dohne Merino Stud).
5 Dormer rams (acquired at the Maluti sale).
2 Teaser rams (Dohne Merino x Merino).

Note:  Top quality wool sheep. An average wool micron of 19 obtained the past 3 years.  Gestation status and catalogue information available day of sale.

Landini Landforce 125 (2015; 3200 hours). Landini Powerfarm 95Hc (with canopy; 9900 hours).  Fiat 680 (4WD).  Ford 5000.  Deutz 514 (complete antique tractor).  Ford 3000 TLB.  Ford 6600 AC. Ford 5000.

Mercedes Benz 508 (3 ton; with cattle railings; overhauled as new).

Ford F100 (1972; 6 cylinder Perkins antique).  BMW 720 I (1982).

Disc-,share- & tine implements:
Alfa Omega hydrailic off-set disc.  2 Massey Ferguson off-set discs (3 point).  Cultivator (3m).  Cultivator (with fertilizer bins).  John Deere cultivator (4 row).  John Deere s-tine cultivator (4m).  Agrico chisel plough (9 tine).  Massey Ferguson plough (3 share).  Ripper (9 tine).  John Deere off-set disc (16 disc).  Rhino hydrailic off-set disc (30 disc).  Dam scoop (3 point).  Beam ripper (5 tine; with rollers).  Beam plough (4 share).  Beam plough (5 share).  Vetsak ripper (5 tine).  Kongskilde Vibroflex (6m).  Chisel plough (14 tine).  2 Cultivators (3m).  2 John Deere off-set disc (28 disc).  2 John Deere interrow crop cultivator (4 row).  Massey Ferguson beam plough (5 share).

Bale wagon (long bin; 8 ton).  Trailer (5 ton).  Trailer (4 ton).  Wagon (2 ton).  Trailer (1.5 ton).

John Deere 7000 (4 row).  Agritec wheat planter (7 row).  John Deere maize planter 1750 Vacuum (4 row; 3ft).

Taarup fodder harvester.  2 Slattery harvesters.  Picker head.  Class Dominator 98 SL.  John Deere maize table (6 row).  Wheat table on cart (21ft).  Sunflower unit.

Fodder making equipment:
Haymaker (1.8m).  Rake (4 wheel).  Welger RP 12 round baler.  New Holland Hayliner 274 (square baler).  Bale fork.  Tractor fork lifter.

Vegetable equipment:
Ridger (with fertilizer bins).  Rotavator (1.5 meter).  Carrot digger (1.5 meter).  Carrot washer.  Pumpkin planter (1 row).  Vegetable planter (with plates; 7 row).  Vegetable planter (1 row).  Vegetable crate wagon.  Vegetable tunnel frame  (8m x 30m).  200 Seed trays.  300 Vegetable crates.

Cement equipment:
Large sement mixer.  Cement debulking cart.  Large brick maker (24 bricks).  Various large cement molds.

Other faming equipment:
Weed sprayer (600l).  Gas welding unit.  Grain auger (PTO).  Lime spreader (3 ton).  7 Bulk bins.  “Duisendpoot”.  Loader (vir 165/188 Massey). Grader (3 point).  Dam scoop (3 point).  2 Dam scoops (3m³).  Conveyor belt (50m x 1.2m).  Vetsak Junior hammermill.  Fertilizer spreader (800kg).  2 Ferilizer spreader (300kg).  Ranger 260 (4 wheeler).  Diesel cart (1000l).  Slattery folliage cart.  2 Wart cart (500l).  Fire fighter (1500l).  Flour tank (12 ton; with in-and-out auger).  Cattle tipping operation table.  Wind fan (high pressure; for drying grain).  “Bakkieshuiser” (6m).  14 Steel trusses (for an asbestos house).   Truck bin falling sides (6 ton).  Volume bin (for 8 ton truck).  2 Cold room units (12m x 3m x 3m).  5 Tar drums (210l).  Road roller.  4 Shed trusses (8m x 20m).  Poison sprayer (12m; 800l).  Many sundries.

Dairy equipment:
Plaaskoel milk tank (1300 liter).  Plaaskoel milk tank (1000 liter).  Milking machine (12 point; with Waicato meters; Harmony cloistered with Vp76).  Vacuum pump. Many spares and pipes.

Irrigation equipment
PVC mother line pipe (400m; 125mm).  Wheelmove”(240m).  Dragline set.  Bauer (240m).  Parrot irrigation pipes (400m).  3 Large sand pumps.  Various oter pumps. Agrico center pivot (18 ha 5 tower; 2015 model).




Free State
Stop Farming Sale, Equipment, Merino


Wilgerhof, Bethlehem.
South Africa + Google Map

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